“Ringa Linga” Mariah

Your prolly wondering about the title. >.> Thats because taeyang is coming back with his new song release of Ringa Linga >.> It’s awesome so Im excited but I got this post for you Showing off 2 of the cute hairs done by Milk. She’s done a wonderful job and Im so happy she’s making hair. You MUST check them out PRONTO!!!!




Skin – Delilah – Birdy

Eyes – Ascension – Ikon

Hair – Alice & GiGi – *Milk*

Shirt – Tanktop – SU!

Shorts – B Boop Shorts – SU! @ Rockabiliy Event

Necklace – Disco Lover – MG

Cross – Pekka

Percing – Harvester – R.M

Hats – Infinity&Beyond – R.M

Crown – Chibi Crown – SI

Mesh Booty – Phat Azz – L.inc 

Shoes – Aviators – Flite


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