“Noona, You’re So Pretty” Mariah

Hello everyone Im back with a little bit of newness. Milk released some cute sweaters with adorable kitty faces. It’s something warm you can wear when the weather starts getting colder so i suggest you snag one. They are just too adorable not to. =3 They’ll be released soon at SLFW ❤ Enjoy!



Skin – Harley Vanilla – Pink Fuel

Eyes – Spilled Milk – The Sugar Garden

Hair – Girl*48 – Dura

Shirt – My Chic Sweater – *Milk* @Coming soon at SLFW

Leggings – Soft Wool Jersey Cobalt Blue –The Secret Store

Shoes – Uggs – [ENVY]

Whiskers : Schatje Whiskers

Head Band – Mesh Cat Silver Tiara – Utopiah

“I Love The Way ” Mariah

Last post for the night then i need rest. Tummy been hurting ;-;. Hopefully it’ll stop before my birthday. But anywho put  a simple cute look together. kinda similar to my rl outfit today xD haha enjoy ❤



Skin – Harley Vanilla – Pink Fuel

Eyes – Spilled Milk – The Sugar Garden

Hair – Hair 31 – Eaters Coma

Shirt – Superman – -SU!-

Pants – Sinner Jeans – Sugar & Cyanide

Shoes – Stackz – 2REAL

Bag – Music Bag – *Tea Time*

Glasses – Broken Glasses TokiD

Tongue Post it Note – Cobrahive

“Applause” Mariah & Jin

Hii again, i decided to do 2 more lovely blog post cus i went shopping kinda xDD but yus, This blog post i bring the love of my life. ❤ It’s almost about to be 2 years with her. So happy ❤ enjoy guys


On Me

Skin – Harley Vanilla – Pink Fuel

Eyes – Spilled Milk – The Sugar Garden

Make Up – Im No Priest – Lovely Dissarray

Hair – Hiedi – ISON

Dress – My Jali Dress – *Milk* @ SLFW

Panties – Naughty Panties –  L.inc

Horns – Taurus – ContraptioN

Shoes – Dare – Diktator

On Jin

Hair – *SH* Saku

Skinny Pants – Kaki – <kal rau> 

Shirt – Roger- Void  – FATEwear

Shoes – Male Dress Shoes – ::GB::

“Gotta Talk To U” Mariah

Hii my lovely cutess. 😀 Im having a good day have alot of stuff to do in my rl but had time to log ^.^ My birthday coming up soon so i’ll be doing a birthday post too sept 1!! And also I noticed it’s been a year of me blogging. =D and wanna thank everyone so muchh, but lets get to todays outfit




Skin – Wednesday Golden Bronze– Essences

Eyes – Rainy Day – Dead Apples

Eye Lashes – Lashes 006 Flutter – Vive Nine

Ears – Steking Ears – Mandala  <– Marketplace Link

Hair – F3 – Liquence NEW

Top – Ripped Top – Pumpkin NEW

Pants – High Rise Denim  – The Secret Store

Shoes – Oxygen I Silver – Candydoll

Bracelet – Prehistoric Metallic Cuff – Illmatic

Mouth – Tongue Pierced Realistic Mouth – Deetalez

“Dirty Talk” Mariah

HiiHii Everyone!! I know it’s late but wanted to make a blog post before i knock out sleep. Today I got on a Sexy Bodysuit From L.inc thats at The Boobie Show =D. It comes In different colors but as of lately ive been feeling the black and white. x3 Anywho enjoy guys ❤ And also Thank you everyone for 2,000+ Views!!! So happy :3



Skin – Wednesday – Essences

Eyes – Rainy Day – Dead Apples

Eye Lashes – Lashes 006 Flutter – Vive Nine

Ears – Steking Ears – Mandala  <– Marketplace Link

Hair – Noemi – Truth

Bodysuit – Laced Bodysuit – L.inc @ The Boobie Show

Tattoo – My Wonderland – Utopiah

Bunny – Bunny Ears – O.M.E.N

Face Tattoo – I am No Priest – Lovely Dissarray

Shoes – Dare – Diktator

“She Killed My Ego” Mariah

Hii guys, I come back with some newness =D Starting with this lovely Skin by Inka Cho. >o< Im so addicted Dx Cho is a really cute skin but some how i end up lookign cute and sexy. She also has new skin tones so you should deffinatly check it out. =D And also when you get a chance Check out Sugar & Cyanide. They have alot of clothes that are cute and sexy for busty girls Woo here we go =D



Skin – Cho – Essences (NEW!!)

Eyes – Rainy Day – Dead Apples

Eye Lashes – Lashes 006 Flutter – Vive Nine 

Ears – Steking Ears – Mandala  <– Marketplace Link

Hair – Andrea – Wasabi

Tattoo – My Wonderland – Utopiah

Shirt – Star Corset – Sugar & Cyanide

Pants – Sinner Leather – Sugar & Cyanide

Shoes – Dare – Diktator

Head Band – Mesh Cat Silver Tiara – Utopiah

Necklace – Cross Pendant – Baiastice

Hands – Mesh hands – Slink

Breast – Tango – Lolas

Chain – Belly Heart Chain – Puncture

“Saranghae” Mariah

Hii guys, hope everyone having a good day today =D.I comin back with a cute look for you guys. I just looked through my invo when I was cleaning it and started putting some outfit together teehee. This is wha came out. Woo Anywho Hope you guys enjoyImage

Skin – Harley Vanilla – Pink Fuel

Eyes – Rainy Day – Dead Apples

Eye Lashes – Lashes 006 Flutter – Vive Nine 

Ears – Steking Ears – Mandala  <– Marketplace Link

Hair – C601 Beige – Tram

Shirt – Tucked Tank White – Tee*fy

Pants – High Rise Denim Mint – The Secret Store

Shoes – Oxygen I Silver – Candydoll

Necklace – Isis Solar Magic – MG

Bow – My Dolly Bow –  .Blah.

Phone – Bunny Phone – VCO

” Falling In Love”

Back again everyone. I hope you guys are enjoying your day!! It’s been really cold today in virginia x.x so to warm myself up have a beachy look for you guys New skirt by *Milk* !! I absolutly love the new aztek skirts ^.^



Skin – Wednesday (Brown Sugar) – Essence

Eyes – Sleepy Ice Blue – The Sugar Garden

Hands & Feet – Slink

Shirt – Knotted – Whatever

Skirt – Aztek – *Milk* (@ SL Fashion Week)

Shoes – Flip Flops – Slink

Necklace – Mustache –  Stricken

“Holy Grail” Mariah

Hello again my lovely, been a bit busy geting ready for my grand opening of my studio =3 YAYY I’ll post about it more when it comes but for now I welcome the newness Of *Milks* New dress Darcy., come in different colors red, black, nude, coral , brown and blue. My personal fave is the nude color =3 enjoy!!



Skin – Harley Latte – Pink Fuel

Eyes – Sleepy Ice Blue – The Sugar Garden

Eyebrows – Meghan – Illmatic

Hair – Ervin Mermaid – Illmatic (SL Fashion Week)

Dress – My Darcy Dress – *Milk*

Shoes – High Heels 2.0 – Whatever

Piercing : Dermal Percings Puncture

“The Quick And The Dead” Mariah

I AM BACK my lovely readers =3 Yusss I know it’s been a while but my rl got so busy so sudden that i really didnt have time  to blog. but i promise I’ll try to come back with more styles for ya 😀 But today *Milk* Has a New release Of her Scarf and Badana. If you ever have the feeling of being a Bad Ass You will when you get this teehee. Enjoy the post guys


Skin : Harley – Pink Fuel

Eyes : Sleepy Ice Blue – The Sugar Garden

Eyebrows – Meghan – Illmatic

Hair : Noemi – Truth

Ears: Mesh Ears Strech – Aitui

Top : Grey Bustier – Vive Nine (Having a Sale) 

Pants : Combat Trousers – T.

Piercing : Dermal Percings Puncture

Bandana : Ruckus Bandana – *Milk*