[Club Stylez Winter Wonderland Event] Mariah

Alright olks coming at you guys for a special event comin up soon. And in the case your looking for a great party to celebrate this coming up Christmas  I suggest you check out the event at Club Stylez, It’ll be a nice event alot of dj’s and you CAN NOT miss this at all 😀 There a chance on winning lindens so go check out the event at Club Stylez.



Event’s are sedchuled below

Dont be scared to check it out =]


10 AM – 11 SLT
D J::::::::L A L A – D U B S T E P

11 AM -12 PM SLT
D J:::::::::L O U I E – H I P H O P

(12-2 Event)C O N T E S T – 3000L: Christmas Is Here. (Wear Anything Related To Christmas, Santa’s hat or a big red Rudolph Nose. Candy Canes, Mistletoe(but I will be kissing you.) Make it look good because this is our biggest contest and wearing something small and unseen wont win you the contest! I WANT TO SEE YOUR CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!)
12 PM – 2 SLT –
D J::::::::::E P I P H A N Y – D A N C E H A L L & H I P H O P

2 PM – 3 SLT
D J::::::::::T A Z E – D n B / D R U M S T E P

3 PM – 4 SLT
D J::::::::::M Y S T E R I O – M A S H U P


(4-6 Event)C O N T E S T – 7000L: Ho Ho Ho Sexiest Christmas Outfits. (Get out those sexy stockings and those high heels ladies because Christmas is here. Men, you know how to be sexy as well. Throw on those baggy Santa pants and leave that shirt off, show those muscles. I know you all know how to be sexy and slutty, just let it ring Christmas!)
4 PM – 6 SLT –
D J :::::::M O X X – H O U S E

6 PM – 7 SLT
D J:::::::::E L B O W – D E E P – H O U S E

7 PM – 8 SLT
D J::::::::::L O L A – V A R I O U S – T U N E S


(8-10 Event)C O N T E S T – 5000L: Undead Christmas. (Christmas Zombies, Elves, Demons, Dwarfs, Wolves, Vamps ect ect want to be apart of the celebration as well. So make sure you make it look like a discusting gruesome Christmas. Let the blood drip and the scars show. I want to hear the devlish grins and the kids crying out in fear. Tormenting eternal souls of the innocent Christmas bystanders. Let your inner sadism and twisted minds come to play. for our last event of the night.)
8 PM – 10 SLT –
D J::::: G L I T C H – S U R P R I S E – T U N E S



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